Test Preparation for Admissions Tests

Kindergarten through 3rd Grade

Tests and Services IncludE

Gifted and Talented in NYC (G&T), Hunter (skill development and Round 2 preparation) , AABL (iPad-based test), Private School Tests and Interview Preparation (admissions application review)


test preparation early skills

(18 months to
3 years old)

establishing the foundation of content knowledge and use of 3-dimensional material that support the underlying skills required for the later tests


test preparation

(3 years to 5 years old)

focused test preparation shifting from 3 dimensional material to paper-based material (no iPad material unless being prepared for the AABL)

soft skills- focus, concentration, listening, working memory, test-taking skills


test preparation

(6 years to 8 years old)

advanced test-taking skills (i.e. process of elimination)

advanced soft-skill development - learning to take on the challenges of advanced material